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Tips For Singles For The Holidays


More than half of all adult Americans are currently single, with many struggling with a variety of issues stemming from not having a life partner. The holiday season, in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, is known to be one of the most difficult times of the year for people without a significant other. Dr. Kevin Williams, a highly respected author, motivational speaker, minister and media personality, has worked with thousands of singles around the country to help them understand how to navigate being single and what are the most important priorities towards a productive and fulfilling life, and how to be in the best position to find the right person.

Dr. Williams’ top five mistakes singles make in today’s world:

Thinking you are alone.

Over-reliance on technology.

Expecting a potential partner to be something you are not.

Creating too many requirements for the ideal person.

Being uncomfortable in your own skin.

“As the population of single people in this country continues to increase, whether from inability to find the right person or divorce, people need to reorient themselves as to what it means to be single,” said Dr. Williams. “There has always been this perception that when a person is single, they can do whatever they want whenever they want, and that their level of responsibility is less than someone who is married; this is a critical flaw in how we view single people and, in many instances, how they view themselves.”