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Personal Computing Holiday Gift Ideas

  Computing devices are topping many gift lists this year, and with the wider availability of high-tech machines, there are many options to choose from. From standard laptops and Ultrabook devices, to netbooks with more mobility and affordable price points, sleek tablets and an emerging category called hybrids that combine the features... Read More

iPad 2 Review

The world has had a couple of weeks to play with iPad 2 now and the pundits opinions are starting to come in. Overall, everyone agrees the new iPad is an improvement over the previous model, even if it does still leave a few things to be desired. Those hoping for... Read More

Should You Buy Electronics From A Vending Machine?

A recurring theme in science fiction is a doomsday scenario in which the machines arise and take over the world. As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, a quick look around shows those films to be somewhat prescient in their predictions. More and more stores are going to... Read More

Free Software Improves Productivity And Saves You Money

Looking to save money? There are ways to leverage great technology without burning a hole in your wallet. Decisive Magazine has learned of these safe, secure options—all of them free—that can help make your computer more productive, useful and fun: * Firefox Browser: (www.GetFireFox.com) -- Get onto the Internet with this alternative... Read More

iPad Is Here, Should You Buy One Now?

Apple's iPad is here, the first reviews are in, experts have had their say. The overall consensus is iPad opens up a new paradigm in personal computing. However, perhaps not in the way many people expect. If you’re looking to replace the workhorse laptop you drag around, iPad currently offers only... Read More

Apple Unveils iPad

Earlier this week, Apple finally introuced its eagerly anticipated tablet computer, dubbed the iPad. Billed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as "so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone," the iPad was unveiled during a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday (Jan....

Dell Studio 14z

Despite the rapid growth in laptop sales over the past decade, the more things change the more they stay the same. You would think with the potential to snag a piece of the lucrative mobile market, we would see more innovation from smaller companies. We do have to give ASUS...

Home Computers and Your Budget

Those Americans who are still without home computers can find themselves at a disadvantage. Children need computers to complete their schoolwork, and adults who are unable to check their e-mail at home miss important workplace information. One mother was shocked to learn that one of her children's after-school activities required online...


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