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Luxury Attire On Loan


High fashion

Immaculately attired, she glides gracefully from her home; eyes alight in anticipation of the exciting and glamorous evening ahead. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, her makeup is just right, her jewels are sparkling, and her gown is absolutely breathtaking. Taken at a glance, she looks like she’s spent tens of thousands of dollars to get herself together for just this one evening.

Little does anyone know…

evening dress

High fashion

High fashion is one of life’s many pleasures. We love to dress up and we feel good when we look good. Sadly, high fashion can also be one of the most expensive and least “Green” activities many of us will ever engage in. While that fabulous gown may indeed bring you tremendous pleasure when you’re sleekly sheathed within its sensuous shell, if it’s too memorable, it will usually only get worn once—maybe twice at best.

After all, once they see you in it, you have to go get something else—no?

party dress rental

This can run into huge money if you’re someone with a very active social life, and it’s also pretty wasteful. A tremendous amount of resources go into creating a truly magnificent evening dress. Consuming all of that to wear something just once, maybe twice, and then squirreling it away in your closet, borders seriously on irresponsible. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the efforts of entrepreneurs like JaiHonna German and the concept of her innovative boutique, Dress: Luxury Attire On Loan, you can go haute couture and be environmentally conscious too.

party dress rental

An added bonus is Dress puts designers like Carolina Herrera, Dolce and Gabbana, Donna Karan and Marchesa Notte well within reach—if only for one night. Rather than buying the dress outright and wearing it once—or twice at most—consider renting the evening gown the same way gentlemen rent tuxedos. You’ll look absolutely fabulous, save significant amounts of money, and consume fewer of the Earth’s resources in the process.

evening gown rental

And, if you fall in love with a dress and absolutely must have it in your personal collection, JaiHonna holds two blowout sales at Dress each year. This gives you a chance to come back and make your favorite gown yours to keep— you know, uh, until they’ve seen you in it twice and you have to go get something else.

evening gown rental

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Photography: Lyndon Conrad Bell | Styling: Crystal Garrett & Alison Godfrey