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How To Plan A Stay-cation

Expensive airfare, packing and lugging suitcases, long invasive security lines, crowded planes, congested highways, kids whining and poking one another, and this is a vacation? No wonder many people return from vacation needing a vacation from the vacation.

Now imagine instead waking up in comfortably familiar surroundings tailored specifically to your tastes. The food you like is readily available, you set the tone and time for all activities and best of all, your schedule is your own.

These are but a few of the benefits many people are discovering by staying home for their vacations. Of course staying home in familiar surroundings means there won’t be anything fresh experiences—right? Wrong. No matter where you live there are hundreds of experiences you’ve taken for granted precisely because they are located where you live. Which brings us to our first tip:

1. Plan your stay-cation just as if you’re going away, set a start date and an end date.
2. Run an Internet search for tourist attractions near your home. Contact the local tourist board and find out what’s going on in your town and make it a point to see what’s around your town. Once you see what’s what, plan an activity that gets you out of the house every day of your vacation.
3. Go out to dinner just as you would if you were away. Find new restaurants in your town and give them a try. Choose places you wouldn’t go to otherwise, and make at least one of them a nice sit-down place with a deferential wait staff and tablecloths.
4. Unplug, disconnect, turn off and tune out. If you can’t count on the people you work with to respect the fact you’re on vacation even though you’re in town, let them believe you’re gone. Don’t answer your phone or mobile device. You’re supposed to be relaxing.
5. Similarly, aside from basic home care, don’t get caught up in doing chores. Your washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner and lawn mower can all wait until next week— you’re on vacation!
6. Behave just as you would if you’re away in an unfamiliar place. Shoot photos and video, buy postcards, take public transit, visit museums, treat your hometown like an exotic destination.

The main thing is to relax and have a good time. Freed from the hassles that accompany a traditional vacation, you just might find there’s more to your hometown than you ever imagined.