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Affordable Fashion Tips

  With each new season comes the familiar urge to shop and stock up on the latest fashion trends. Whether you're dreaming of the looks heading down the runway or shopping at your local thrift store for fabulous finds, it can be hard to get everything you want without breaking the... Read More

How To Keep Children Safe In The Home

Filled with mesmerizing trinkets and gadgets - your home is a new and exciting world for your small child to explore. But this new world can introduce serious and sometimes surprising safety issues that many parents do not realize are risks. Hidden concerns in common household devices As your children happily toddle... Read More

Back To School Projects For Kids

    Back-to-School time is one of the busiest of the year. Kids love the excitement of catching up with friends, learning new things and meeting new teachers. Teachers and moms see this time as hectic. Both have to buy supplies, organize and get kids back into a routine. And routines can be... Read More

How To Plan Family Outings

These warm weather months provide ample opportunities for fun-seeking families to scope out some exciting new adventures. Whether your crew loves a taste of nature or if they’re hooked on cultural exploration, it’s easy to create a special “daycation.” Optimize family-fun time by making sure you have everything you need before... Read More

Matchbox Cars Celebrate 60th Anniversary With A $60,000 College Scholarship

From fire trucks to dinosaurs to police cars in pursuit, Matchbox has provided kids with unstoppable adventures and the durable vehicles and playsets to tackle them for six-decades of imaginative play. To commemorate its 60 year anniversary, Matchbox is kicking off a three-month national campaign to honor heroes-in-training – the... Read More

Presidential Inauguration Facts

Boundless -- the free alternative to traditional textbooks -- has released a free textbook on the US Constitution and an ...

How To Talk To Children About School Shootings

  Tragedy and disaster strike when we least expect it. The recent shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, the massacre at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the unfortunate events of Hurricane Sandy are prime examples of how trauma and disaster can affect children and families. Parents should...

Improve Your Child's Education

(Family Features) A new study of the American family's "passion points" from Just Kids, Inc. reveals that most families (45 percent) agree schools and education are their top priority. Yet, parent involvement in their children's education is at an all-time low. According to studies by the National Coalition for Parent Involvement...

ExploraVision Student Science Competition

  NewsUSA) - How cool would it be to show off your idea for some innovative technology that could exist 20 years from now? Well, students in grades K-12 now have that chance. Even as some worry we've fallen behind other countries in producing graduates in the critical STEM fields -- science,...

School Lunches Get a Makeover

  As schools introduce lunch menus in line with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) new school lunch regulations, chocolate milk has already undergone a makeover that schools, parents and kids can all feel good about. Dr. Keith Ayoob, RD, a nationally-recognized child nutrition expert, highlights the biggest changes under the new...

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