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Green Life

A Tale of 2 Food & Wine Experiences

Several weeks ago, I made an excursion to Paso Robles in Central California. For the uninitiated, Paso is the next Napa, on the cusp of world vino domination. At least I think so. What’s important to know is that the Paso Robles wine region has a sustainability certification program called... Read More

Coca-Cola Introduces The PlantBottle

The first 100 percent recyclable beverage packages made with plants are readily available to people across the U.S. Just in time for Earth Month, DASANI and Odwalla are saying goodbye to their current packaging and saying hello to new PlantBottle packaging. All DASANI bottles and Odwalla... Read More

Reusable Grocery Bags Save Money And Protect The Environment

"Paper or plastic?" That is the major question that shoppers usually face as they check out at the supermarket. However, both options take a major toll on the environment. It's estimated that somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are used each year throughout the... Read More

Energy Efficient Green Tax Credits End December 31st

On December 31, 2010, it’s lights out for the federal tax credits for energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation,roofs, hot water heaters and HVAC systems. So if you’ve been putting off making some energy efficient improvements to your home it’s time to stop procrastinating and as the Nike... Read More

Toyota Encourages Black Colleges to Go Green

    Toyota recently launched an exciting, first-of-its-kind program, the Toyota Green Initiative, an environmental stewardship platform designed to empower Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), students, and alumni on the benefits of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Decisive Media attended a dinner to introduce the Green Initiative to minority media, which included... Read More

I'm Dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000215 EndHTML:0000019921 StartFragment:0000002707 EndFragment:0000019885 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/rubenarvizu/Desktop/I%E2%80%99m%20dreaming%20of%20a%20GREEN%20Christmas.doc  I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas By Ruben Arvizu  It has been said that time flies! Even before we put up our pumpkins, we are staring the preparations for Christmas, Hanukah and New Years straight in the face. We get ready to submerge ourselves in...

Green School Supplies

  While iPad and various other electronic devices hold the promise of making many traditional school supplies obsolete (see page 6), there will always be a need for the staples of education. Happily, many of the basics are now available in eco-friendly, recycled form. Here’s but a few… * Recycled pencils. The...

How To Buy Travel Carbon Offsets

Don’t feel guilty about flying to Hawaii or taking the family on a road trip this summer because you can easily neutralize the negative impact of your travel on the environment. Purchasing carbon offsets is an inexpensive way for environmentally-conscious Americans to reduce the carbon footprint of their trip. But...

Low-impact Living

Think that motorhomes are bad for the environment? Think again. It's one of greenest lifestyles available. Fans of recycling and low-impact living take note: life in the RV is all about efficiency. This is not by choice (though it's one I'd have made on my own anyway) but necessity....

Green Living At Home

Americans might celebrate "Earth Day" once a year, but every day presents a new opportunity for greener living. Here are some tips for eco-friendly living: - Change the lights. Swapping incandescent bulbs for compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) might cost a little more per light bulb, but CFLs quickly pay for themselves....

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