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EPA Awards More Than $100,000 to Vieques Island Conservation

Decisive Latino has learned that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced $111,513 in grant funding to support efforts by the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust to preserve the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay and to educate students about the need to protect the bay. Mosquito Bay is the only pristine... Read More

Tips for Green Living

Well, here we are in a new year and also, a new decade. Hopefully, some New Year’s resolutions remain intact, like quitting smoking, losing weight, improving personal finance management, and living a healthier lifestyle. But there are other equally important universal issues to consider for this new... Read More

From Decorations to Toys, Ten Tips for an Ecological Holiday

It has been said that time flies! Even before we put up our pumpkins, we start preparing for Christmas, Hanukah and New Years, submerging ourselves in the frenzy of holiday shopping, decorations, and parties. Among all these activities, it is good to pause and think about our beautiful Blue Planet and... Read More

Edward James Olmos Reveals Oil Spill Footage from the Gulf

  Focusing on the human impact of the British Petroleum Gulf Oil spill disaster, actor/director Edward James Olmos has released interview footage to Decisive Latino and other media outlets as part of a call to action to the general public to get involved in some way to support the residents and... Read More

Today's Trash to Pave Tomorrow's Roads

Plastics seem to be the new villain on the environmental scene. Cities including San Francisco, Baltimore and Boston have imposed plastic bag bans on retailers. Ireland taxes plastic bags, and national grocery stores across the U.S. are offering inexpensive, reusable totes or paper bags to their customers. But plastic is everywhere.... Read More

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