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Glory Road: The Legacy Of The African-American Motorcyclist


The African-American biker has been an active participant and contributor to the sport of American motorcycling since its inception, yet has largely remained an invisible icon throughout its 100-year history. 

The documentary Glory Road: The Legacy of the African-American Motorcyclist is a 59-minute motion picture that does more than just explore the evolution of the black motorcycle rider in the world of the American biker. The film also gives you a ride directly into the soul of the prominent black MCs and their members.

Glory Road provides a necessary chronicle of a historically important and ever-growing part of the motorcycling lifestyle and represents the truth. The biker truth, no anti-biker media spin, no bandwagon hype. People who care about this way of life made Glory Road. For those who have been on the "inside" of the lifestyle for many years, a film like this re-affirms biker pride.

The documentary offers a look at the history of motorcycle enthusiasts who just also happen to be African-Americans through their own eyes. It follows a few subjects, showcasing their lives and making observations about how their race and their passion for the open road relate to each other. Glory Road also talks about how discrimination forced African-American motorcycle clubs into existence. It also describes the differences between their culture & Caucasian clubs.