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Duracell High Performance Batteries

Say ‘Goodbye’ to those jumper cables!  Recently, Duracell unveiled its latest addition to a long line of batteries with the all new “AGM Extreme Power & EHP Advanced Generation” series which target the automotive and marine/RV industries. With the heavily increasing volume on the use of additional electronic components such as navigation systems, cellphone chargers, mobile DVD players, high-tech speaker equipment, etc., it is imperative to have a battery that is exceptionally reliable. These new batteries boast a significant increase in power and performance when compared to that of traditional batteries currently seen in today’s market.  

A quote released from Duracell in mid-December sounds promising to have delivered consumers an improved product; “The AGM with Extreme Power batteries features Absorbed Glass Mat Technology (AGM) which delivers two times the durability, dependability and long- lasting high-performance to withstand the demands of multiple accessory loads”. This particular brand serves the dual purpose intended for both auto & marine usage and compensates for the rigorous strain which can often be seen. If you enjoy the benefits of all the latest portable technology alongside you while driving or cruising on the water, this battery may be for you. 

The other extension of the Duracell family is the “EHP Advanced Generation” design which focuses on maximizing optimal power at extreme conditions. So whether it’s a sub-zero winter morning in Detroit, a mid-summer traffic jam in Atlanta, or just the traditional road trip out of town….any continuous exposure to exceedingly hot or cold temperatures can impact battery performance and reduce its effectiveness. The EHP offers a level of comfort as it is intended to protect against the elements.

At this time, these products are currently available at select Meijer locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.  Additionally, it appears these products will be an exclusive brand to Meijer and West Marine stores only.  Mass distribution is forecasted to reach full circulation in the beginning of April 2010.

For additional information, visit www.driveduracell.com to learn more about the full line of these products.