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From CANcer to Conqueror!

 “We can’t promise anything” were the words that the Doctor said to my Mother, after I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of fifteen. Immediately my future, hopes, and dreams were hung in the balance, as I battled between life and death.  Have you ever been in a situation where you said, “Why is this happening to me?”  This was that kind of situation.

Every second in America, two to three people are diagnosed with cancer. Our lives can change in a matter of seconds and these startling statistics, remind us of life’s harsh realities. The disease of cancer is no respecter of age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. I personally know this to be a fact, being stricken with this disease as a teenager. Living and enjoying life, just like any other kid, yet cancer interrupted my life.

How do you respond to the interruptions of life? How do you deal with hardship and life's challenges? These are questions that required my response, because my destiny was interrupted by a deadly diagnosis. For almost two years, I endured chemotherapy and radiation, five days a week. The physical pain was unbearable with hair loss, nausea, spinal taps, etc. Oftentimes the psychological pain took an even greater toll, where I wanted to give up and die.

I grew up in a divorced home in the Detroit, MI area, where all I had was a strong mother who encouraged me to fight against cancer. I was in the fight of my life, but I decided to resurrect faith in the midst of fear. I was at death's door, but I was determined to live.

The first three letters in the word cancer, spells “CAN.” I decided that I CAN and I WILL overcome with my determination and the strength of God’s healing power. Life’s tests and trials can teach you lessons. I learned about the power to persevere. Through my struggle and strength, cancer taught me about the audacity to hope and turn hardship into healing. The worst situations of life can bring out the best in you. Refuse to be bitter and be determined to be better. We can never become victorious, if we continue to view ourselves as victims. We must have dogmatic faith and fortitude, in order to actualize our potential, not just GOING through situations but GROWING through every situation.  Overcome all odds and obstacles!

The growing pains of life, empowered me to encourage and inspire others. Despite the Doctor’s diagnosis, God gave me His prognosis in Psalm 118:17, that “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” You are reading the words of a twelve year CANcer survivor! I have journeyed from CANcer to Conqueror, to more than Conqueror. By God's grace and healing power, I am alive today.