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Small Business

How To Start A Business

Millions toil away in their office cubicles, dreaming of owning their own piece of the American dream. Meanwhile, many entrepreneurial thinkers are using rough economic times as the catapult for making their small business dreams come true. With so many types of business models available, it can be hard to determine... Read More

Protect your Business Reputation Online

It happens all the time: The hard-working crew at a small business loses customers thanks to the sour grapes of one person. It could be a disgruntled employee, an angry customer or even a competitor, says V. Michael Santoro, coauthor with John S. Rizzo of Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of... Read More

Fifth Third Bank Offers New SBA Loans

  Fifth Third Bank has announced it will offer four additional loan products from the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) program. Through these products, Fifth Third Bank, a SBA Preferred Lender, will be able to extend credit and financing options for small businesses to help them expand, improve working capital... Read More

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business

Just like any good sports team, every business needs a good coach. Marketing consultant John Jantsch, bestselling author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine, has some low-cost ideas that will help you create a strong message and communicate it to the right people.   Keep Score - If you want to... Read More

Small Business grant program offering up to $3 million

Chase and LivingSocial have  launched “Mission: Small Business,” a new grant program offering up to $3 million to small business owners nationwide. Chase and LivingSocial also obtained the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help announce the program and drive small business engagement and participation. “Small businesses are the... Read More

U.S. Africa Trade & Investment Forum

The Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce USA has announced its Seventh U.S./Africa Trade & Investment Forum, Conference and Exhibition will be held May 16-18, 2012 in Chicago.  The Forum will: Provide a platform for the presentation to American Corporate and Public Policy makers on the wide array of investment opportunities in Africa. Provide...

SBA: File Disaster Loan Applications Right Away

Disaster survivors should not wait to settle with their insurance company before applying for disaster loan assistance. The SBA encourages disaster survivors to return their completed applications as soon as possible. “Waiting to file an SBA application could cause unnecessary delays in receiving disaster assistance, and the survivors may miss the...

Tu Cocina Campaign Encourages Home Cooking

  TUCOCINA, a New York-headquartered Latin kitchenware maker, has partnered with Los Angeles-based nutrition expert and 'Latin Lite' chef, Denise Portillo, for the launch of “La Salud en Tu Cocina,” an initiative developed by TUCOCINA to encourage Hispanic families to eat healthier and help bring them back around the dinner table. ...

Keeping it Real Beyond Earth Day

At Decisive Latino, we believe to honor Mother Earth means keeping the spirit and intent of Earth Day alive, on Earth Day and every day after that. The Earth Day tradition was started by Gaylord Nelson, an environmental activist who happened to also be a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. In...

Book Outlines Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals

Corporate America is now more competitive than ever. Companies are persistently focused on identifying, recruiting, developing and retaining individuals with the best skills. Recently released research has shown that promotions in the U.S. are most likely to occur in January, June and July. The survey, conducted ...

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