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Best SmartPhone Translation Apps

These days, toiling through years of learning a second language isn’t absolutely necessary, as smart phone devices can absorb much of that stress for us. Within the global battle between Android and Apple, there has been strict competition between the two companies to produce the most advanced of smart phones—and it’s a fight of the fittest.

Androids pace strongly, but still behind, the industry giant, Apple.

Still, some would argue Android-based devices are better.

One of the highest rated Android apps, “Google Translate”, is a neutral app usable between both platforms and possessing over thirty-one languages to translate from including; Slovak, Hebrew, and Finnish. In addition, to translate simple user inputs, “Google Translator” can also be attached to your toolbar and translate entire web pages for your viewing. “Universal Translator”, is an Android based Microsoft ran program that can translate just about any language plus it has voice recognition allowing for hands free usage.  While, it also allows you to send translated text messages to any foreign language speaking audience; not a bad perk for a free subscription.

However, Apple’s app store dominates Android, allowing its owners to choose from a platform of a variety of different translation apps. At the top of the mobile translator food chain is “The Oxford translator Travel Pro” which is an Apple-only program selling for $10 per language. Unlike most basic apps Travel Pro gives you simple sentences to navigate around town as well as various suggested short phrases to start conversations. The Oxford app also helps its user learn the language with interactive exercises to help them hone their language skills.

Yet another Apple-only app, this one on the low end of the economic spectrum, is “Say Hi Translator” selling for .99c. With this app whatever you speak into your phone is translated into the selected language. Thus, “hello” in English becomes “Hola” in Spanish in mere seconds.  A downside to this cloud based app is that it can only be used when you have WiFi or 3G service.

Conversely, the “World Nomads” a free Apple-only app capable of translating twenty-three languages just as simply as “Google Translate” does. However, it also offers the same advanced learning features as “The Oxford Translator” in that it allows you to practice and recite short useful phrases most commonly used in conversation. 

Which app is the best you ask?

Well, it depends on which platform you’re using; Apple’s iOS or Android, and how much you intend to spend on the extra perks.

Which, certainly is the primary driver behind any purchase decision.